Molly Token


The Project The Project

What is Molly?

Molly is a community run & driven Defi Project!

Building a self-sustaining and diverse ecosystem governed by the Molly Token!

Meet the WEB3 economy where there are no boundaries in what we can achieve as a community! The Molly Token is a decentralised protocol layer that facilitates the growth, development and expansion of the Molly brand, alpha group, and ecosystem!

What is Molly?

What Is Molly Token?

Molly is a next generation Token that will be used as a means of payment in the Molly Ecosystem!

What is Molly NFT?

We are the new creative moment revolutionizing 3D NFT art. We have one simple, yet ambitious goal – to create the largest decentralized community & alpha group of high-end art collectors & artists.

Molly Token

The NFT problem

Like any modern start-up, the Molly project is also trying to solve a problem that we see in the NFT space. The problem is simple, there are many amazing collections out there, however the way NFT drops are structured, there is a lack of choice and customization of the NFTs that users receive. We will build a platform & technology to solve this issue in a very innovative & gamified way!

The Solution

We are building a play & earn ecosystem with integrated Virtual NFT Marketplace allowing Molly holders to build, personalise, upgrade, and mint a special Molly NFT of their preference & choice!


We are building a self-sustaining and self-governed ecosystem facilitated by the Molly Token.

Molly Island is a virtual 3D space, accessible only by Molly NFT holders! Molly Holders will be able to earn & spend their Molly tokens on different properties in the island. The buildings that the island will have, are as follows:

The Iceland
Art Gallery
Private Villa’s
Secret locations
Merch store
Ticket office
Govenment building (dao)
More places to be added as voted by dao.

*Please note that the initial stage of Molly Island is not a Metaverse! It’s a virtual 3D space!

Builder Builder

The Molly NFT configurator & minting mechanism

The molly NFT configurator is the preliminary technology that will make your Molly stand out from the crowd! Build your dream Molly NFT in few easy steps! The NFT configurator will allow holders to create and mint an NFT of their choice by choosing from multiple predefined categories such as:

  • Background
  • Pose
  • Body
  • Face expression
  • Hair
  • Clothes
  • Head Items
  • Face Items
  • Jewellery
  • Back Item
  • Hand Item
  • Superpowers
  • Staking Powers
  • Voting Powers
  • Additional Utilities
  • + many more

Collections Utility Collections Utility

The Items The Items

Each item in the configurator will have its associated Molly Token cost!

The more items you put, the rarer your NFT becomes and the more tokens you need to spend to mint it as an NFT! Every day we will be releasing new, interesting, and unique items that holders can purchase with the Molly Token!

The items will be classified in few different


50% Common
20% Rare
15% Epic
10% Legendary
5% Exclusive*
*Exclusive Items can only be used once by one holder!
Additional Powers
Additional Utilities


Staking Powers

Earn More Molly Token in the Play & earn games!

Voting Powers

More voting power in the DAO to influence the directions of the project.

Additional Utilities
Trip Access
Real Life Items

(i.e. t-shirt, caps, jewellery, canvas, etc.)

The Marketplace The Marketplace

Each Item will be sold in the marketplace and will have associated Token Cost!

There will be regular item drops, which can be used by holders to get the perfect look for their Molly! For exclusive items, there will be bids. Also, we will have mystery boxes with surprise items that holders can unlock! More ideas will be implemented & voted by the DAO!

Virtual Marketplace Tokens

The native currency in the marketplace will be the virtual molly token to save time on development & gas fees! Holders can deposit or request withdraw of the virtual token to receive the Molly token!

Molly Tokens

The Molly NFT collections

To use the configurator, users need to be a Genesis Molly Holder!

Each additional collection that holders have, will unlock additional items that holders can choose to add to their Molly!

Few examples, Secret Molly Collection will provide access to Animated Motion Background, while Dragon Molly will provide access to Dragon Backgrounds and Black Tape outfits!

Holders can vote in the DAO to add additional collection in the future, which will unlock special items!

Molly Collection

Minting your custom Molly NFT

To mint your custom Molly NFT you will need to pay the virtual Molly Token cost of the items, the gas fee and a small minting fee!

Please note that some items can only be minted if you have a Molly NFT that has reached a specific level in the play & earn games!

Your minted custom molly will be added to the special Diamond Molly Collection, the world first entirely user generated 3D NFT collection!

Minting your custom Molly NFT

The Diamond Molly Collection

The world’s first entirely user generated 3D NFT collection!

Supply: 9999 NFTs

Few examples, Secret Molly Collection will provide access to Animated Motion Background, while Dragon Molly will provide access to Dragon Backgrounds and Black Tape outfits!

Each NFT in the collection will be minted using the proprietary technology that we are building referred to as the Molly NFT configurator.

Dimond Collection

Play & Earn Games Play & Earn Games

Being a Molly NFT holder unlocks for you different types of games, including the Molly Staking Game, where holders use their NFTs to stake & earn passive.

Molly token rewards!

The staking game is simple, the more often you play, the higher virtual token rewards you receive! Choose a shorter "virtual" stake duration, to earn more tokens!

In addition, the more you stake, the more experience your NFT gains! When your NFT gains experience, it helps you level up and increase your earning potential!

Gaining experience

You can also gain more experience, by continuously playing our experience earning games!

One of our first games that we have developed is the click game! The more you click, the more experience you gain!

More games will be developed with time and as voted by the DAO!

Reward system

The more you play & stake, the more virtual token rewards you earn!

You can use the virtual tokens to mmint special Diamond collection NFTs using the Molly NFT configurator or you can choose to convert your virtual tokens to the Molly token, which you can sell on the market!potential!

Molly Token


Buy Items in the Marketplace

Use your Molly tokens to purchase items to build your customized Molly NFT!

Buy Exclusive Merch

Get your hands on exclusive Molly merch line!


Buy your event tickets with the Molly Token! Our trips are in partnership with the Paradise Challenge, and we travel to the world’s most exotic destinations!

NFT Mutation

Use tokens to upgrade & mutate your Genesis Molly NFT!



Price: TBC

Total Supply


Public Sale

Price: TBC
Liquidity: All collected presale funds will be added to liqudity
Fair Launch:

Play & Earn Wallet

Transaction Fees

Buy and sell transactions - x% Play & Earn Fee (can be changed by the DAO).

The fee goes to the Play & Earn wallet that will be used to reward holders staking their NFTs

Anti-Whale Mechanism

The Molly Token Presale will be hosted on website and will be capped with a limit per wallet!

Burn Mechanism

We will have a manual burn mechanism! We will be calculating all the virtual tokens that have been used to purchase items from the marketplace!

These tokens go to hot wallets and we will be burning them from the supply every month in a burning event!



Each Molly Holder can participate in the DAO to determine or influence the project direction!

The voting power of each holder is determined by the amount of Molly NFT collections and Molly tokens they hold.

The Voting Mechanism

We will be using a point-based system to weight holders’ votes.

The more collection you hold the more points you have in the vote.

1 Point Vote Power
1 x genesis molly
UP TO 3 Point Vote Power*
1 x Secret collection molly
UP TO 3 Point Vote Power*
1 x Dragon Molly
1 x Cyborg Molly
* Based on Rarity!
Tokens: Amplifying the voting power with a multiple of the points we have!
x1 Voting power
a-b tokens
UP TO x1.5 Voting power
b-c tokens
UP TO x2 Voting power
c-d tokens
UP TO x3 Voting power
y-z tokens
The option with most votes, based on the collected summed points of all holders for the option, will be chosen!

Roadmap Roadmap


Molly Token is the ecosystem's governance token, allowing holders to participate in the Molly DAO


Molly Token can be used for - accessing events organised by Molly, Play & Earn games & getting exclusive merchandise!

Play & Earn Game

Play the Staking Molly Game to earn tokens and level up your Molly! The more often you play, the more you earn!




All holders who Staked their Molly NFTs in the game will be able to claim them before the official launch!